About Us

Architectural design is a process which involves composing a thought, a concept, functional requirements, aesthetic sensibilities and finally realising the dream. Thus, creating a language which is unique to an individual. Finding the right balance between functions, aesthetics and economics makes for a good design.

n+s design studio was established in 2000 by Neesha Alwani and Shruti Jalan. The practice is dedicated to meet the needs and resources of the contemporary world. We strive to search for optimal solutions that result in a functionally, aesthetically and economically built environment tailored to fulfill the requirements of our clients.

Our expertise lie in Architectural Design, Interior Design and Furniture Design. We collaborate with artists, sculptors, furniture designers, product designers, landscape architects and structural consultants depending on the requirement of the project and the client. Our portfolio comprises of residential, commercial, retail, office and hospitality projects. Our projects have given us the opportunity to experiment and push the envelope to bring a new quality of life to its users and the context they inhabit. As architects and designers it has been our duty to resolve an ever-increasing number of concerns and issues, which are required to be taken into account in the process of development and realization of an idea.

Neesha Alwani

Neesha Alwani has received her Bachelors of Architecture from Kamla Raheja Vidhyanidhi Institute of Architecture in the year 1998. After completing her thesis on energy conscious architecture – A Renewable Energy Research Institute, she worked with Nozer Wadia Associates followed by Ranjit Sinh Associates on a wide variety of projects including the interiors for the Marriott Hotel in Goa, a campus for Lowe Lintas in Khandala and weekend homes. She is registered with the Council of Architecture and Indian Institute of Interior Designers. Her area of expertise lies in understanding the client’s requirements and implementing her skills to fabricate an environment that meets the needs of the client at the same time taking into consideration the surrounding to create a perfect fit. “There is great pleasuring in knowing that our thoughts can be translated into graphical representations that evolve into built environments suitable for various functions. Architecture is metamorphosis of an idea into reality……….A process that creates a positive space from a negative. From conceptualization, to translation, to adaptation, to creation, the process has exciting challenges. This process keeps the creative mind challenged at every step of the way, resulting in innovative designs.”


Shruti Jalan

Born and educated in Mumbai, Shruti has received her Interior Design Degree from Sophia Polytechnic and is registered with Indian Institute of Interior Designers. She has worked with Nozer Wadia Associates and Architect Samira   Rathod on a number of projects including the interiors for the Marriott Hotel in Goa, office interiors and weekend homes. Her skills lie in communicating design ideas to the clients, helping them perceive the language of design. Her deep understanding of the nature of the practice enables her to micromanage all aspects of the projects – right from design development, to attention to detail, to keeping the project within limits set by the clients and finally realising their dream. Her adventurous and at the same time pragmatic approach has helped n+s evolve into a dynamic design practice with it’s own definitive language and principles.