Apartment on Altamount Road

Year – 2013

Area – 2,400 sq. ft.

Location – Altamount Road, Mumbai

The family of four for whom we created this quiet and comfortable home preferred a contemporary living style. To achieve the look we focused on simplicity, subtle sophistication, texture and clean lines, focusing on color, space, and shape to achieve a sleek and fresh look.

Keeping in mind the client’s requirements, we arrived at a most suitable layout which would utilize space to the fullest without compromising the quality of open space. The 2,500 square foot, 4 bedroom apartment was to be converted into a 3 bedroom apartment which enabled us to open up the living room to form a large square space flanked with a balcony on one side offering views of the city. The 3 bedrooms attached to one side of the square living room kept the private spaces huddled together.